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rualani: ZOMG, You made a forum! Magnificent! Jun 16, 2016 4:17:57 GMT *
Princess Ariel: \o/ \o\ \o| \o/ /o/ me is also excited Jun 16, 2016 12:23:39 GMT
skuagrey: Hey hey hey, here come dat bird! 8-) oh shit waddup Jun 16, 2016 14:22:14 GMT
Princess Ariel: :D Jun 17, 2016 17:28:45 GMT
skuagrey: So...what shall we discuss first? Jun 21, 2016 0:08:19 GMT
skuagrey: I was thinkin' we could maybe have some sort of general icebreaker thread of some sort. Jun 21, 2016 0:09:12 GMT
skuagrey: But what about y'all? Jun 21, 2016 0:09:26 GMT
Princess Ariel: Hi! o/ My computer is broken. I am accessing the forum from another place. Lately I can only access the forum from my cellphone (99%of the time). It is hard to make and do things this way. Hopefully a technician will heal my computer soon *fingers crossed* Jun 22, 2016 15:26:48 GMT
Princess Ariel: Feel free to make threads ^^ Jun 22, 2016 15:26:58 GMT
Princess Ariel: rualani where is Jun 22, 2016 15:27:17 GMT
Princess Ariel: Just made some boards. I like the suggestion of beginning with a general icebresker, skuagrey. Inaugurate a thread! Will u? ;) Jun 24, 2016 13:31:43 GMT
skuagrey: Oh, hey, nice work! And of course, lemme see what I can come up with... :3 Jun 24, 2016 15:17:09 GMT
skuagrey: Came up with one! Not exactly an intro thread, but just a fun thing that might help to get things rolling. Whaddaya think? :D Jun 24, 2016 15:35:44 GMT
Princess Ariel: Me likes that! :D I'll post soon #chroniclackoftime Jun 26, 2016 16:43:47 GMT
valkyrie: ~lurks~ ....~slithers~ Jul 12, 2016 5:47:01 GMT
Princess Ariel: welcome! :D Jul 12, 2016 17:44:22 GMT